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If interested in reading or producing a play, please contact James through the Contact page on this website.

Out in the Open | 75 Minutes | 4 femme, 1 masc

Bri navigates her life, relationships, and sense of self in this queer realism one-act.


Phobe  |   10 Minutes   |   2 masc, 1 flexible

Years after an evolved alien society has taken over Earth, Buck protests the new world order in the parking lot of a Minnesota Costco, while his friend Roger tries to talk some sense into him.

Ars Moriendi  |   10 Minutes   |   2 flexible

As a mysterious apocalypse approaches, two strangers form an impetuous connection and prepare to watch the world expire.

Coffinside Coffee Cake | 10 Minutes | 2 masc, 1 flexible

Francis, a grave digger, and P, an enigmatic man, have a macabre arrangement. Against P's wishes, Francis hopes to form a real friendship with P on the night that everything changes.

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